The new 2017 Genesis G90 design alludes to the car’s strength and performance, while at the same time innovates with its sportiness and freshness for a luxury model.

Upon first viewing the car, one notices the bold silhouette, with strong character line arcs that accentuate the G90’s profile. This design is not only eye catching, but also substantially reduces drag, helping reduce noise and ensuring great fuel economy.

The front of the vehicle is very “Genesis.” It features the ‘CREST’ grill and the unmistakable Genesis emblem. The LED headlamps have a wonderful flow, and daytime lights are located on the lower front bumper, which contribute to the vehicle’s stunning lighting cues. The G90 has a very aggressive and bold hood, hinting at the real performance of this real-wheel drive luxury machine.

Various small chrome accents give the G90 an elegant, classy look. This eye-catching silver can also be seen in the double asymmetrical tips of the exhaust pipes. The interior comes in a variety of colors that highlight its quality finish. The five available colors (white, black, brown, silver and gray) have all been carefully chosen to perfect match the interior material selection.


2017 Genesis G90 Powertrain

2017 Genesis G90 Powertrain

The Hyundai Genesis G90 is an amazing car in all respects, and that includes its engine. It keeps its luxury level of refinement, while being tuned for maximum driving confidence and featuring a rigorously developed engine that is focused on overall responsiveness.

With the Genesis G90, you can choose between two excellent gasoline engines. There is the direct-injected 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that outputs around 365 horsepower and the direct-injected 5.0-liter direct-injected V8 engine that will throw out around 420 horsepower.

The all-new direct-injected 3.3L twin-turbocharged V6 is Hyundai Motor’s first twin-turbocharged engine. Both of the G90 powertrains use electric thermostats and Continuously Variable Valve Timing for better fuel economy.

Both engines also have an advanced 8-speed automatic transmission. This innovative transmission is 18 lbs. lighter than previous generations, has higher efficiency and is more compact.

Driving Performance

2017 Genesis G90 Driving

2017 Genesis G90 Driving

Every Genesis model that comes off the lot at Hyundai dealerships has been crafted with the utmost care to provide the perfect blend of both luxury and performance. The G90 is the best example, since it’s been engineered to meet your demands through years of research and development.

The designers of the G90 utilized ideas generated from rigorous testing at Germany’s Nurburgring circuit. Additionally, the G90 was put to the test in a variety of environments at Namyang R and D Center and then out to the desert at the California Proving Grounds.

Thanks to this rigorous development and testing, the G90’s ride, handling, steering and suspension together are something we’ve never seen before. The G90 not only provide a luxurious feel, but also provide the sporty ‘X-factor’ which provide the driver with sufficient power.

The G90’s Intelligent Drive has been engineered to provide four settings: Eco, Smart, Sport and Individual (or customizable). The settings each provide a boost through specific, pre-determined parameters that control suspension, steering, stability, engine, transmission and the available AWD. These settings can be set by the driver to overcome difficult situations like weather, road conditions or heavy traffic. The G90 takes advanced control to the next level through Hyundai’s exclusive ‘Smart Shift and Drive Control.’ This next-generation control automatically alters engine torque response and suspension adjustments based on the driver’s personal driving style.


The handling in the G90 is unparalleled in the industry. After tailoring upgrades specifically for handling, the G90 body rigidity has been increased to be 6% greater than the Mercedes-Benz S550. This did not come without impressive technological advances, as the engineers at Hyundai incorporated 52% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), which is 300% more than previous models!

Despite all the power and automated controls, the G90 has an exceptionally smooth ride. This choice ride was achieved by fitting the G90 with a multi-link suspension to decrease toe and camber changes through the suspension.


Just like the automated systems in handling during your drive, the Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension electronically controls body motions without losing comfort. This control, powered by Sachs/ZF, improves body and yaw control. Decreasing the amount of distance travelled allows for greater control and overall rigidity.

Steering and Traction

Power steering has been driven into the future by adapting assist-and-recovery calibrations, which specifically improves steering responsiveness. To cap off-peak responsiveness, 19-inch alloy wheels fitted with front and rear performance tires enable the G90 to handle virtually anything that you throw at it.

When it comes to options, the H-TRAC enhances traction by displacing 40% of available torque to the front axle. This is especially useful in icy or snowy conditions. When conditions are normal, the H-TRAC Sport setting sends 90% of available torque to the rear axle, which increases cornering strength and acceleration. In the H-TRAC’s economy mode, the system boosts driveline efficiency by displacing all available torque to the rear wheels.


The G90 also employs a newly designed braking system. This system utilizes large 14.8-inch front rotors and that provide greater fade resistance. Additionally, these vented rotors dissipate heat more efficiently than previous models, making them more structurally sound. Rear rotors are also larger than previous models, as their size was increased to 13.4 inches. The front caliper system utilizes a fixed design, 4-piston system, while the rear possesses a fixed, 2-piston system.

Interior Design

2017 Genesis G90 Interior

2017 Genesis G90 Interior

The G90 interior was designed with one thing in mind. You. Everything is in harmony, as you are cushioned in comfort, with every aspect of control easily within reach. The horizontal layout of the controls let your fingers glide effortlessly from one button to the next. Even though your eyes will be on the road, they won’t miss the elegant Nappa leather-stitched instrument panel, matched with a suitable color palette. Your passengers will certainly notice.

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Attention to detail remains the theme of the G90. Materials were selected with the utmost care – nothing but the highest quality materials, from the authentic wood to the Nappa leather accents. Your senses will be indulged by the first-class ambiance. Even your ears will be delighted, thanks to the Lexicon audio speakers curtained by aluminum covers.

The luxury of the G90 occupies the mind, while the driver occupies a space generous in its dimensions. No passengers, front or back, will feel cramped with the G90’s innovative space-saving features. The G90 is a comfortable car, without sacrificing a sleek presence on the road. The G90 has a very generous amount of space (41.1 inches of front headroom, and 46.3 inches of legroom), even among its luxury competitors.

Interior Convenience Features

2017 Genesis G90 Interior Features

2017 Genesis G90 Interior Features

The Hyundai Genesis G90’s interior has been developed according to the twin principles of simplicity and functionality. With this winning combination, owners can be assured of an experience with their auto that is easy and carefree. Trim levels and specs on the vehicle were developed to offer everything an owner might want in a car, while still ensuring that all unneeded features were eliminated and that nothing that remained was too complex to be considered 100% user friendly.

The G90 designers focused a lot of attention on creating comfortable seats that are ergonomically designed. The driver seat offers an astounding 22 power adjustable settings. These include bolsters, shoulder adjustments and cushion extensions. The changes are so comprehensive that the campaign for healthy backs in Germany gave it their seal of approval. The passenger seat can be adjusted 16 ways, and simply makes riding in the vehicle a sheer pleasure. There is an integrated memory program to remember every front seat position, the position of the side mirrors and the slant of the steering column.

On the 5.0 V8 G90, the rear passenger seats are heated and ventilated and can be adjusted electronically in a dozen different ways, or 14 ways for the seat on the right. There is lumbar support, head restraints in four directions, adjustments for shoulders and for reclining, and a console selector just for those in the back.

One can choose to use any one of seven inside ambient lights to set the mood. Additional unusual lighting is provided by approach lamps with the Genesis logo that project onto the ground so that there is clear sight when approaching the vehicle in the dark.

The audio had to be ultra-high fidelity for the G90 of course, because a concert quality experience was desired. The Lexicon Premium Sound System has 17 speakers and a subwoofer 10 inches in size. It features QuantumLogic Surround sound that was created with the input of Grammy-winning music professionals so that the acoustics mimic those of theaters and recording venues. The 5.0L V8 has dual monitors in the back with a high-def 9.2-inch screen that those sitting in the rear can operate themselves.

The interior provides three separate ventilation control zones. The steering wheel on the G90 can be heated, too, and its passengers can use Qi wireless charging technology to charge their phones or any other mobile devices. There is a proximity key that works with a push button starting system. Also standard are sunshades that are operated electronically for the back and the back side windows. When the driver has arms full of packages, the Smart Trunk lets the trunk be opened without using hands. This vehicle features all sorts of luxury amenities to make owning it a sheer pleasure, such as a deicer in the windshield wiper (that also senses rain and fog and engages automatically.)

Noise Levels and Vibration

The engineers at Hyundai spent hundreds of hours tuning the G90 for optimum noise reduction and increased comfort. This attention to detail has brought the Hyundai G90 a best in class rating for in-cabin noise levels. The level of refinement mastered was a major achievement in the luxury car segment.

The engineering extends from enhanced sound-absorbing materials in the cabin, to the specially laminated glass utilizing specialized acoustic film.

Sound deadening extends to the special hollow, two-piece wheels (Helmholtz design) which incorporate an integral sound absorption chamber.

The suspension was redesigned and optimized for high speed cruising while maintaining a quiet cabin and decreased body vibration. Wind noise was addressed using a three-layer weather strip seal on each door. The body panels on the floor and roof received 20% thicker insulation that adds to the overall silence while driving. The rear quarter panel was enhanced with a special foam pad that blocks sound transmission into the rear passenger compartment.

Under the hood, a variable type valve, located in the intake ducting, minimizes the engine resonance at all speeds. The cabin is further protected from engine sounds by the application of a special seal that decreases cabin noise.


The new Hyundai Genesis G90 has world-class safety technologies and amazing structural rigidity to make it one of the safest cars available today. Various cutting edge safety technologies are used to ensure maximum safety for everyone in the vehicle. New technologies that will be found in the new G90 include automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, cross traffic monitoring, driver attention monitoring, dynamic headlights and even a full 360-degree monitor. Aside from the technological features, the car body is made with a dual layer design that has been optimized for safety. It is expected to receive top marks by both the NHTSA and IIHS and a Good rating or above on all crash scenario classifications.


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