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Genesis G90

2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 Preview

The new 2017 Genesis G90 design alludes to the car’s strength and performance, while at the same time innovates with its sportiness and freshness for a luxury model. Upon first viewing the car, one notices the bold silhouette, with strong character line arcs that accentuate the G90’s profile. This design is not only eye catching, but also substantially reduces drag, helping reduce noise and ensuring great fuel economy. The front of the vehicle is very “Genesis.” It features the ‘CREST’ grill and the unmistakable Genesis emblem. The LED headlamps have a wonderful flow, and daytime lights are located on… Read More

Hyundai to Sell Genesis Brand through Existing Showrooms

Hyundai is deep in a year of big changes. The brand will launch an average of two new/redesigned vehicles per year for the next three years. The Korean brand does not want to fall behind the Japanese and has an arsenal of new ideas ready to go out into the market. One of the most important changes in the Hyundai strategy is the arrival of the Genesis brand, Hyundai’s luxury badge. Speculation was rife as to whether Hyundai would be setting up new dealerships for this brand to separate it from the Hyundai name. Mike O’Brian, Vice President of… Read More

Hyundai Goes Luxury – The Genesis Project Revealed

3-2-1 – The Genesis Launch is a Go! After years of slowly improving the quality of their offerings, and finally convincing the buying public they belong in a conversation with Honda, Nissan and Toyota, Hyundai has decided to make the same leap virtually every other mainstream car manufacturer has made, and form their own luxury brand. While Genesis has been the Hyundai flagship model for years, Hyundai has now decided to make Genesis its own brand, challenging the world of Lexus, Acura, Infiniti and other luxury nameplates. It was 27 years ago when Toyota and Nissan announced they would… Read More

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