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Hyundai Ioniq: More Details Revealed about the Hybrid

The Hyundai Ioniq will be available as a plug-in or traditional hybrid, but unlike the Prius, it is also available in pure electric form, making it the first vehicle to offer these three alternatives in one model. The traditional hybrid drivetrain is expected to be the most popular of the three models globally. The plug-in hybrid is expected to outsell the electric-only form in Europe, but the electric-only form is expected to outsell the plug-in version in the US markets. Hyundai sought to improve their electric drivetrain from the Sonata hybrid, choosing to go back to the drawing board… Read More

Hyundai Motors Wins Five GOOD DESIGN Awards

Hyundai is no stranger to success, but in 2015, Hyundai won no less than five GOOD DESIGN awards. The manufacturer has consistently and successfully applied its design philosophy car after car. Hyundai Motors’ GOOD DESIGN awards in 2015 were for the Elantra, Tucson, IONIQ, Santa Cruz concept and the ‘Sculpture in Motion’ art installation. One would be hard pressed to find another car company that is as passionate about good design as Hyundai Motors is. Both Traditional Powertrains and Alternative Vehicles Recognized Whether it be traditional vehicles or new and eco-friendly ‘green machines’, Hyundai Motors is firmly in the… Read More

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